Goodbye, Summer!

Goodbye, Summer!

I’d never thought that we will go to the beach at the end of September because the weather will be so hot. And that’s exactly what had happened last weekend. It was also the first time we went swimming this season because summer was so rainy and cold — we simply didn’t get a chance to do this earlier.

Believe it or not, we were not the only ones who decided not to waste such a rare moment. We drove to Beaverton at Lake Simcoe. The small parking lot at the beach was pretty packed but, still, there were a couple of spots left.

There was a surprisingly small crowd on the beach and even fewer people in the water when we arrived. A couple of hours later the picture had changed – more people were swimming, parents brought even little babies to get a splash of the warm water, perhaps, for the last time this season.

That was a lovely day! I’m so glad that Mother Nature gave us a chance to get a proper Summer Goodbye Kiss.

Goodbye, Summer, see you next year! Hello, fall!


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