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“Buy local” theme is popular lately. Food grown locally is considered as a healthier choice and widely advertised as such. Supermarkets now offer a bigger assortment of fresh produce from Ontario farms. The number of the companies, which deliver boxes with fresh organic vegetables and fruits right to your door, is growing.

All these changes seem to be good for both – consumer and producer. At the same time, for some reason, we’ve got a feeling that something is missing in this perfect picture. And we think the missing link is a connection.

We still are buying food in a bulk without even thinking where it’s coming from. The food is getting spoiled in our fridges and we toss it in the garbage with little or no regret at all. We demand more products with better quality for less and get angry when this request is not fulfilled.

As per our onion all this happening because a lot of us feel like these products are grown or made somewhere far away, on Mars, by some aliens which have nothing in common with human beings.   

We decided maybe we should try to connect us, consumers, and producers. On our site, we will be introducing Canadian small businesses. We will be travelling around Canada and posting our reviews.

We invite all of you to discover the beauty of the countryside and explore the flavours of the local food.

Travel with us and have fun!

Who We Are.

We are full-time, nine-to-five working parents of four. We emigrated from Ukraine 15 years ago and now live in Oshawa. We would like to share with everyone our love for this country and its amazing people.

Andriy and Sofiya